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Growing threat of Cyber Warfare requires Cyber Soldiers

Need for Skilled Cyber Soldiers

After the advancement of nuclear weapons, most countries are always on the lookout to find the edge to dominate over one another. As of today, digital is the new field of war, and with new technological advancements, sophisticated techniques of Cyber attacks are being developed and are still performed to get personal gains.

This blog will focus on the parts why there is a need to train Cyber Soldiers, an overview of the Cyber Security courses and career opportunities.

Why there is a need for Cyber Soldiers

There is a huge gap between the required skill by the industry and what actually there is in the market. According to economic times, Indian has suffered a loss of more than 1.2 trillion in the year 2019 itself. Also according to the FBI, India is also one of the top three countries that is a victim of Cyber crimes.

This situation is caused due to lack of Cyber Security awareness and trained manpower. Whatsapp has become so advanced that even now almost 25% of the population is vulnerable. Also, several social media platforms are one of the modes of getting hacked.

Is there any Course on Cyber Security

Several IITs and NITs are now offering courses on Cyber Security, starting from basic level to advance. The course includes topics like essentials on Cyber Security, Cyber ops, and many more. IIT Roorkee has started training their professionals on Cyber Security at e&ICT academy. Whereas IIT MAdras has launched a certified course by the name “Certified Cyber warrior”

This course will teach students about security concepts, security monitoring, network instruction analysis, and many more. After completion of the course, students will be able to assess the threats, recognize vulnerabilities and fix critical issues if there are any.

Career Opportunities

In today’s date, Cyber Security is becoming a booming option for the ones who are looking for any growth in their career. “As per the estimates by NASSCOM, India needs more than a million trained professionals by the year 2030” as said by Mahindra Agarwal, CSE dept, IIT Kanpur.

The Cyber Security field is growing day by day and professionals who are looking for a boost in their careers have a good scope in today’s market.

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