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Cyber Radar University offers various Cyber Security and Next-Gen programs and entitled to provide Certificate Courses, Diploma Courses, and Post Graduate Diploma Courses as per the requirements of the aspirants.


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About Us

Cyber Radar University (CRU) is a US-based University engaged in providing Cyber Security education, training, and consultancy services across the world. CRU has always been committed toward capacity building by offering a comprehensive Cyber Security education program through electronic media, typically the Internet. Cyber Radar University (CRU) is the authorized body to provide certificates after completion of the courses. Our core objective is to build a robust pedestal to bridge the current skill gap in this domain. Our operations revolve around the ecosystem of Individuals, Academia, Industry, and Government.

A One Stop Solution

  • SkillingPreparing a strong skilled force to meet the demand of the industry
  • ReskillingRetraining the existing workforce to inculcate the real knowledge and expertise
  • UpskillingInvolving training people up and keeping them in the same roles, rather than fundamentally changing their jobs
Committed towards Capacity Building
Committed towards Capacity Building
  • Committed towards developing process and strengthening skills, instincts, abilities, and resources
  • Enabling organizations and communities to survive, adapt, and thrive in a fast-changing world
Expanding Knowledge of Next-Gen Technology
  • Reimagine the role of technology taking actionable decisions
  • Reinvent technology delivery to drive a step-change in productivity and speed
Aligning Curriculum to Industry Requirements
  • Focusing on curriculum alignment with industry requirements is no longer an option, but a necessity
  • Aligning academia and industries should come together to address and solve the real-world challenges in this fast-paced environment
Bridging the Skill Gap between Academia and Industry
  • Creating Industry-ready talents with hands-on training and certifications
  • Providing workplace exposure through internships, live projects, and corporate interactions